Trouble on The Land? Will Jenelle Ever Get Full Custody?

Hello all and happy Friday! We’re a little late to the party, but don’t worry, we still have all the gossip. As many of you know, and some even anxiously awaited, yesterday was Jenelle and Babs’ custody hearing.

The Ashley posted a great summery of the ruling and it looks like the judge laid down the law with a metaphorical kick in the pants to both ladies. As many Teen Mom fans know Jenelle has long claimed to want custody of her son back from her mother, who received custody of Jace when Jenelle decided to give him up to pursue partying, but hasn’t put forth much effort into proving she is capable of providing a long term stable environment for her son. Her life is frequently filled with whirlwind courtships involving a pregnancy, vicious fights, and, ultimately, a brutal breakup with multiple police reports.

The most recent decree demands both parties, Jenelle and Babs, act in Jace’s best interest. There will be no drug use, no name calling (of the other party), and no excessive alcohol use around Jace by either guardian and no one except Jenelle or Babs is allowed to discipline Jace. This has many Teen Mom fans concerned for Jace as Jenelle’s current “soulmate,” dubbed Uncle Bad Touch (UBT) by fans and Adam Lind, David ha a history of abuse and is currently in a custody dispute with one of his baby Mamas who had a restraining order against him for abuse while she was pregnant.


What do you think, ATRG fans? Is this enough for Jenelle? Will she stop her social media PR disaster campaign efforts to convince the world she is the perfect wife and mother out on The Land? Sound off in the comments

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