Who Is Winning The Break-Up? Kourt vs. Scott

It is a battle as old as time. Who wins the break up? Which ex comes out with the better body, the hotter new love, and the most of the community friends. Kourtney Kardashian broke up with long time love and father of her three children Scott Disick when he was caught with his hand around his ex-girlfriend, who is also significantly younger than Kourtney, two years ago. After the dust settled, Scott went to rehab, left rehab, went back, decided he was an alcoholic, came out as a sex addict….he’s had more announcements than Caitlyn has the last two years! It looked for a while like Kourtney was going to give Scott another shot as long as he kept his sh*t together, but he couldn’t do it and after bringing a girl on a family, her family, trip she has finally called it quits for good.

Girl, it is about time!

Since making it clear she was never ever ever getting back togetehr with Scott, the former couple has waged silent war against each other in the form of one upping each other.

Scott stepped out with a model, Kourtney found Justin Bieber (she was out of the game a long time, we won’t hold it against her too hard), Scott found a younger model, Kourt stepped out with an even younger model of her own. Kourtney wore an itty bitty bikini, Scott, fortunately, did not.

The pair share three children together and have appeared, up until this point, to be the model of perfect co-parenting so the world is left wondering, “what is really going on behind those giant Calabasas doors?”


See the People article here


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